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Booking your cruise at Jolly Charters is simple.

In 4 Easy Steps you can get your seats at a memorable cruise on the Calypso Pirate Ship!!!

  1. Select the Type of Cruise you are interested in booking.
  2. Select the Cruise Date of your choice and choose the number of tickets to purchase.
  3. Enter in your passenger information.  This is a Coast Guard Requirement.
           We will supply life jackets for children under age 8 or you can bring your own.
  4. Enter your payment information.

So let's get started on this adventure!

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Select Desired Cruise Type

Treasure Hunt Excursion
90 min
JOLLY ROGERS TREASURE HUNT EXCURSION Set sail for adventure and pirate treasure! From Calypso’s Port of Call at Jolly Rogers, this one hour forty-five minute excursion takes you from covered stage to sailing the lake in the pirate ship Calypso to buried treasure on Skull Island and back again with much adventure in between. Don’t settle for an ordinary boat ride when you and your family can set sail for adventure and be a pirate!!!

Sunset & Fireworks!
120 min
Come aboard Calypso for a two hour cruise on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks to see the sunset and subsequent firework displays along the shoreline by local businesses and residents! Cash bar will serve both alcoholic and not-alcoholic drinks